Our Brand

Breezy Swim is a Miami, Fl. based brand. Our mission is all about female empowerment! Here at Breezy Swim we want females to feel confident in  swimwear, regardless of age or body shape. Breezy Swim caters to all shapes and sizes inspired by women globally. Our swimwear gives us the chance for women to feel their best and to take on the world, no matter where they come from! Everything we provide is influenced by our millennial generation, from social media, popular culture, to the latest trends. Allowing our staff at Breezy Swim to curate the perfect products for women worldwide. 

Our Product

We create looks designed by today's fashion, with striking designs and colors for your chance to be noticed by the world! Female empowerment is all about making our products accessible to everyone, which is why we offer affordable pricing! Beautiful swimwear with a perfect price range and great quality, what else could you ask for?!