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Females should feel confident in any swimwear, regardless of age or body shape. Our swimwear gives us the chance for women to feel their best and to take on the world, no matter where they come from! Everything we provide is influenced by our millennial generation, from social media, popular culture, to the latest trends. Allowing our staff at Breezy Swim to curate the perfect products for women worldwide!

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Meg Tyler

Breezy Swim Influencer

Becoming a Breezy Swim influencer was the best choice I've ever made! I was able to grow my social media followers by being featured on breezy swim's social media. I also love being part of a community that encourages female empowerment while spreading there mission "Every Body is a Bikini Body"

Jessie Mclarn

Breezy Swim Influencer

I'm obsessed with swimwear, I literally live in a bikini. I knew Breezy Swim was the right influencer program for me, they have the cutest styles at affordable prices! I'm always posting in their swimsuits and have so many friends using my discount code! I was able to make an extra $300 in a week! I own so many breezy swimsuits I lost count! I love this brand!! 10/10 would recommend!

Alison & Carol

Breezy Swim Influencers & Best Friends

Carol and I have always wanted to be influencers so we decided to join Breezy Swimwear 's influencer program and we're so happy we did!! We're best friends who do everything together so we both had to join! We always help take each other's pictures and create amazing Instagram content!