Bowl Bundle

$134.10 Breezy Babes


Capture Your Moment: Exclusive Breezy Bowl Bundle

Experience the ultimate memento from the Breezy Bowl 2024 with our exclusive Bowl Bundle. Celebrate your runway moment with a unique collection of keepsakes designed to immortalize your stunning walk.

What's Included:

1. 15-Second Edited Runway Video:
- Relive the excitement with a professionally edited 15-second video clip of your runway walk.
   - Perfectly crafted to highlight your best moments, making it an ideal addition to your personal collection or social media.

2. 8x8 Re-stickable Canvas Tile:
   - Preserve your favorite runway photo with our high-quality, re-stickable canvas tile.
   - Our restickable canvas tiles feature the same incredible print quality and color depth as our HD canvas prints, but in a thinner, nail-free format!
   - Rich colors, deep tones, strong contrasts. Plus, they forgo the traditional hanging hardware for an incredibly easy-to-use adhesive that sticks and resticks to your walls for endless fun and possibilities.
   - Featuring:
     - Matte coating
     - 0.25" image wrap
     - Restickable adhesive

3. Priority Instagram Reel Post:
   - Be the star of Breezy's Instagram! Your runway video will be posted as a priority reel on our official page.
   - Gain instant exposure as your video will be shared before any other model's.
   - Get tagged and recognized by Breezy's expansive audience, boosting your visibility and engagement.

This bundle is a must-have for every model who wants to cherish and showcase their Breezy Bowl 2024 experience. Don't miss out on this exclusive offer to shine brighter and hold your moment in the spotlight!